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Caesar and the technical gres at Cer-Sea Italian Style Beach Concept 2014


September 2014, Bologna. The Cersaie 2014 edition provides a setting for the bathing resort industry with Cer-Sea, a visionary and original exhibition dedicated to the development of new design concepts for bathing resorts and related activities, showcasing in Hall 33 of the trade-fair centre, during Cersaie from September 22 to 26.
Ceramiche Caesar is present with its Aextra20 range, the system of monolithic porcelain stoneware slabs with 20mm thickness and anti-slip finish for outdoor floors.

Gate Tube 60x60 cm Aextra20, characterised by an innovative textured finish that, thanks to the versatility of ceramics, reinterprets the mark left by the wooden formwork on poured cement surfaces, is in perfect synergy with the style and inspiration of the event, proving to be the perfect solution to guarantee aesthetic appeal, safety and functionality to bathing resorts.

In fact, thanks to the raised installation with dry system, Aextra20can be laid easily and allows easy access to the technical gap created below the foot plan that facilitates the housing of irrigation and electrical cables. In this way, the bathing resort projects can ensure top level aesthetic and technical performance. 
The Aextra20 series comes complete with numerous trims and is available in different colours and in the new large 75x75 cm and 60x120 cm sizes as well as in the traditional 60x60 cm size.

Outdoor venues tinge with new project-planning opportunities: discover the solutions with Aextra20by Caesar!

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