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Caesar technical porcelain stoneware in Lyon for Architect@work 2014


Lyon (France), June 2014 | Aexacta, Aextra20 and Care24: these are the three projects of CaesarTech by Caesar with which the Fiorano Modenese-based company will take part, on June 5 and 6, in Architect@Work - Lyon, the international roadshow and specially tailored contact days for planning professionals.
At the event in Lyon, architects and designers will have the opportunity to display the major design and technology innovations, offering intriguing indications of how to dress contemporary venues with style and efficiency.

With Aexacta, Aextra20 and Care24, Caesar offers the French market innovative technical solutions for floor and wall coverings using Made in Italy porcelain stoneware products.  
Aexacta is a self-fixing ceramic flooring that enables floors to be renovated without the need for burdensome and expensive work.
Outdoor venues find a top quality solution thanks to Aextra20, perfectly squared and rectified monolithic slabs, in 60x60cm size and 20mm thickness that combine the great resistance of porcelain stoneware and anti-slip finish, available in various colours and different trims.
The care and hygiene of surfaces is entrusted to Care24, the result of an innovative technology that allows for the treatment of porcelain stoneware with active metallic elements and titanium dioxide (TiO2) therefore making the porcelain stoneware surface active 24/7 against germs and bacteria, photo-catalytic (it improves the quality of air) and extra-hydrophilic (it prevents the formation of dirt).

Ceramiche Caesar await visitors at stand 135,  La Halle Tony ,Garnier -  Lyon

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