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Las Vegas, April 2014 | The splendour of Las Vegas were the perfect backdrop for the launch, for the first time anywhere in the world of One, the new porcelain stoneware collection by Caesar showcased during the latest edition of Coverings, the international trade-fair of ceramics and natural stones and a benchmark event for the  American market. Dedicated to a broad customer-base including architects, planners as well as resellers and end users, One is a collection able to meet and anticipate the needs of contemporary architecture.

One is the result of an in-depth research on materials and sensations, merging in a unique and natural project, elements so typical of architectural tradition, such as terracotta and cement. Terracotta and cement represent a contrast between two apparently contrasting worlds that blend and harmoniously merge into a unique identity, shifting from contemporary to vintage style.

Available in six sizes and in six warm and alluring shades, One is characterised by the soft tactile aspect of its surface. The harmonious chromatic versatility allows for tremendous personalisation of spaces, giving a touch if unique and modern charm and offering new hints to creativity.

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