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Ceramica Amica: the handbook for a discerning purchasing experience


"Ceramica Amica" is the handbook compiled by Confindustria Ceramica under the Ceramics of Italy brand that lists all the useful information needed for a discerning purchasing and use of ceramic tiles.

Easy to leaf through and user-friendly, this new handbook is divided into three sections: an initial section dedicated to technical features, a second section with eight charts that explain different possible uses and a third section covering the sorting grades, installation and cleaning of ceramic surfaces.

"Ceramica Amica" also contains useful advice on how to obtain tax allowances when embarking on the renovation of properties.

Ceramiche Caesar, a leading company in the production of Made in Italy porcelain stoneware, gives you the opportunity to download the hand-book in pdf. format, free of charge, supporting the value and quality of ceramics throughout the world.

Click here to download Ceramica Amica.


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