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Munich | February 2014. Ceramiche Caesar were the protagonists of the event organised by Stang last 20 February at the showroom in Munich.

Stang, the well-known distributor of building materials and a point of reference in the German market, offered planners, laying technicians and gardening and garden design firms the opportunity to take part in this meeting to examine the subject of innovative outdoor flooring systems.  

The meeting included lectures given by representatives from Gutjahr, Mapei and Fuhrer + Bachmann AG, prestigious companies specialising in the production of drainage systems for outdoor floors, adhesive materials for outdoor coverings and machines for installation.

Ceramiche Caesar also accepted their invitation to the event, as manufacturers of Made in Italy top quality porcelain stoneware tiles, experience they put at the disposal of the professionals in the sector who are increasingly having to deal with architectural solutions able to combine aesthetic appeal and performance, both for indoor and outdoor application.
Caesar’s lecture was aimed at highlighting the advantages associated with the use of Aextra20 for gardens, terraces and outdoor floors in general.

Aextra20 is a porcelain stoneware collection with 20mm thickness designed by Caesar’s technical department, CaesarTech Solution, that thanks to its broad range of sizes and trims, means being able to create an appealing natural stone and wood effect look to outdoor floors, while at the same time ensuring the resistance and reliability of the best porcelain stoneware tiles.
Available in 60x60cm with anti-slip surface finish, Aextra20 can be installed using the same dry-system methods traditionally used for outdoor flooring (onto grass, gravel, raised installation, adhesive installation), thus proving to be the ideal partner of complete and modern outdoor planning.

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